Ffxiv Five People Introduction

Posted by zhangweijierr on November 16, 2012 at 1:57 AM

FFXIV in the world, "Haiderin" named one of the local players that are in it, "Eoruzea" we engaged in the adventure. Medieval fantasy world in addition to an orthodox, which incorporates some elements of civilization and modern machinery. Looking at the posted screenshots of each, raise the quality of the graphics, because the body is slightly bigger head character, FFXI is a pro compared to some real, many people will feel ."Cure" and "Chocobo" such as, FF series, but proper names still stick to numerous film series and a direct link past. However, for ease of participation FFXI experience, five people have now been identified as Pureiaburukyarakuta the appearance of an Avatar sto credits, FFXI has been very close to that. Playable race that is now five clear. In the same race, and look slightly different "tribe" there are two by each player can choose both.Pillar of the game "Amarishisutemu" and "Girudorivu". The main pillar of the system FFXIV training in character, "Amarishisutemu" it. This is a product by changing the Holding, it can easily change the characteristics of the character, FF is close to the job change system by what series. Amarishisutemu are "fighters sto credits, sorcerers, Gyazara, Crafter," four of "functional group" has been divided into the number under each "class" has been included in the configuration. The characteristics of Amarishisutemu say job change than the past, as well as combat systems, sampling / same plane that contains the class of production systems. If your mind to it, "miner" can not fight the monsters in hand is not a morsel of cranes. Another great feature is also returning to the base area if that changes could be made at any time during non-combat class. That is, according to the organization and the party mood and sometimes it can flexibly change the play. Now become clear that the number of classes is 15, seems to be still grow in the future. Looking at them, apparently fighting system "- professional," non-combat systems "- master" seems to be unified under the name. Specific activities of each class, FFXI and other MMO's experience if you will and are often vaguely image star trek credits. If the pillars of character training Amarishisutemu be introduced followed by "Girudorivu" say the system is a pillar of the adventure. The flow takes the plate as a tarot card at the Regal Adventurers Guild, which is generated by a mini-quest. The quest to create the NPC and kill the monster and rescue, there are many different types. The number of well targeted, from Soropurei Patipurei, in some cases that it can generate Raid wide ranging. The other members of Participants Girudorivu, but can cause a new quest, a number that can be carried out within a certain period of time seems to be limited. Eoruzea throughout the "Eteraito" and there are stones, called the move could be made during the adventure using this shortcut. It is also handy when you do Girudorivu quest. Finally, YouTube has been published, FFXIX So what official channels. Square Enix staff have been introduced FFXIV amusing various game systems, and other content are scattered everywhere, no information. Moreover, FFXIV Gameplay is seen that, except at the moment the only official site for this channel's fans must-see content. So that the movie will deliver new and will continue to always check.

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