5 Steps to More Intimacy With Your Wife

Posted by zhangweijierr on November 15, 2012 at 3:10 AM

What could be more important in life than a good relationship with your wife in the bedroom? Well, probably a lot of things. But then again, in the case of most couples, when things go cold in the intimacy department the rest of the relationship suffers. Badly. And, given how central one's marriage to a married person's life, you could make the argument that having a great physical relationship with your wife is all-important. All philosophical discussion aside, when things go south in terms of the physical desire between husband and wife, it's just plain not as much fun to be married. Or go to work. Or go to the gym. Conversely, during the times when we are experiencing sexual satisfaction with our partner, everything else in life seems to take on a bit of special glow. If you are a man feels like the fizz has gone out of your relationship with your wife, you have no doubt tried a hundred little things to turn the situation around. Unfortunately, most men (and women) lack the tools to adequately address this very complex and sensitive topic with their spouse - or even with a friend who l2 adena might lend some much-needed advice. If you are wondering, "How do I make my wife desire me more?", here are 5 steps to more intimacy with your wife: 1. Hang around her more often: Women who love their husbands almost universally report feeling closer to them sexually when the husband makes a point to spend at least some quality time with her as often as his schedule allows. Think your wife doesn't notice when you head off to the computer, watch TV or go to the driving range when you could be spending time with her? Think again - she notices! 2. Ask her about her day - and care about the answer: For women, communication is another aphrodisiac that works like a charm. There is no need to overwhelm her with attention. Rather, just a few well-placed questions are in order. Then, just let her talk while you attentively listen. While this may not necessarily start her motor the first time you try it, keep it up and see  lineage 2 adena what happens. 3. Be more patient when she talks: Women have very different communication styles than men. A woman usually prefers what communication specialists call a more relational style of communication, while men are more transactional. For a woman, half or more of the value of good communication is in the act of communicating itself, rather than solely in the "what" of the conversation. 4. Lighten her workload around the house by 10%: Here's one that will work wonders for her libido: do a few extra chores around the house, even if your wife does not request them. She will instantly feel closer to you when she notices that you are going out of your way to make her life just a little bit easier. 5. Make special time just for the two of you: No matter what, love-making requires time and space. You need to create a time and space for the two of you to hook up. So, go to the effort of clearing your schedules and turning off the phone once per week for a little one-on-one time. Think these 5 tips were invented by some crazed woman out there just to get you to do more housework? It's okay if you don't believe me that these tips will greatly increase your chances of getting your wife into bed. But, try them anyway for two weeks and see what happens.

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